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One could spend their entire life trying to find the perfect anime and it would not be a wasted life.

An anime Podcast.

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My Anime List

Mar 2, 2024

Prison School


It’s the end of an era. Love and hate it, Funimation was a thing and I do owe a bit of gratitude to this entity.


FIAF #44


©2024 Danny De La Cruz

Dec 4, 2023



Let’s talk about an anime that I finally know a little backstory on.


#43 for live streaming

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Nov 20, 2023

My Happy Marriage 


My thoughts on what an interesting stort this is in today's 21st century dating/marriage world. 


#42 for live streaming 



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Aug 16, 2023



Sometimes you can learn something deep and meaningful even while watching fan service. 🤣


#41 for live streaming

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