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Fist in a Frame is an anime podcast.

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Jun 21, 2020

 FIAF #24

East of Eden

This episode I go into how the idea of “noblesse oblige” has evolved for me.

Anime I watched in May:

Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou
Black Clover (all caught up)
D. Grayman
My First Girlfriend is a Gal
Science Fell in Love
High School DxD (again)
And You Thought There Was Never a Girl...

May 31, 2020

FIAF #23


(small correction: I recorded on midnight on the 31st of May not June 1st. I have no idea what day it is.)

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The Collector's Marketplace

Feb 10, 2020

I just wanted to give a little information for the Spring Fest come March here in Phoenix, AZ for anyone interested in attending.

I've never been but the people that run The Collector's Marketplace are very cool and I expect the event to be entertaining at the very least.


March 14th 11AM to 4PM
Location is The...